We are fully and actively committed to giving access to our Collection to as wide an audience as possible, for the purposes of enjoyment and study. Initial formal requests for the loan of specific works should be made per email: Info@quetzalcoatlcollection.com

Requests to Borrow from Quetzalcoatl Collection

To further the Quetzalcoatl Collection aims, loan requests will be welcomed which:

  • broaden access to the Collection in new ways and reach new audiences
  • add to the appreciation and understanding of the Collection and raise its national, international and public profile
  • contribute to distinctive exhibitions which have a well thought through proposal
  • support academic research.

Who Can Borrow?

Loan requests will be welcomed from:

  • museums and galleries
  • educational institutions
  • public and charitable bodies, for use in specific buildings and sites where public access can be guaranteed
  • commercial organisations, where and when appropriate, where public access can be guaranteed.


Borrowers within the EU do not normally pay an administration fee or contribute toward the cost of preparing works for loan. However, they must pay for the following:

  • insurance
  • frames
  • glazing
  • bases and covers for sculpture where required
  • packing cases
  • all transport costs, including the expenses of couriers

Borrowers from outside the EU must meet all of the above costs, and also pay for any additional materials required for preparing works for loan. A contribution to the administration of the loan is also payable for loans outside the EU, and is calculated at £250 per work, per venue.

In the case of particularly complex loans, or where more than 10 works from the Quetzalcoatl Collection are required, we may need to charge a special fee to the borrower, whether inside or outside the EU.


We require all borrowers to provide details of the facilities and security of their venues.

Insurance and government indemnity

All works lent by Quetzalcoatl Collection must be fully covered either by a government indemnity where applicable, or by commercial insurance. In the case of commercial insurance, works must be insured ‘nail-to-nail’ and in the case of a touring exhibition, a single policy must usually cover all journeys and exhibition venues.

Returning loans

The borrowing institution should contact Quetzalcoatl Collection at least three weeks prior to the close of the loan exhibition to discuss the arrangements for the return of loaned works.

A cased work should be repacked in the custom-made packing case in which it travelled, using the original packing materials and methods unless previously agreed by Quetzalcoatl. Condition reports must be returned with the work. Works which travelled uncased should be repacked by a method similar to that used for the original journey.

The return shipment will be by the same method and carrier as the outward journey, unless Quetzalcoatl specifies otherwise. Any changes must be agreed between Quetzalcoatl and the borrowing institution.

Reporting damage or loss of loaned work

In the event of a work of art being lost or damaged or suspected of having been damaged, the borrower must inform Quetzalcoatl Collection immediately after the incident has occurred or as soon as the loss is noticed.